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We meet for a time of worship, teaching and fellowship every Sunday at 10.30am.

This is the central part of our Church life.

We also have a Sunday evening prayer meeting starting at 6:30pm and lasting around an hour. This informal meeting gives a great opportunity to pray.


Can I Come?

Absolutely everyone is welcome, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, or have ever been to Church before! We promise to give you a warm welcome.

The Church building is fully wheelchair-accessible (including toilets) and a loop system is fitted for those whose hearing is impaired.

Can I Bring My Children?

Yes, please do! Partway through the service there is a special programme for children over the age of 4, with fun activities and teaching.

Children 4 and under are welcome to stay in the service, but we also have a well-equipped creche for this age range.

Should I Dress Up?

Not unless you would like to. We'd love you to just wear what you feel comfortable in. You will find people wearing everything from shorts and a T-shirt to a smart suit, or even cultural dress from their ethnic background.

Does It Cost Anything?

Every part of our Sunday services is completely free, including refreshments after the service (and lunch if there is one).

A collection is usually taken up during the service, but this is for Brook Lane Community Church members only: you don't need to contribute at all (unless you would particularly like to), just pass the collection bags on to the next person (actually you will see many Church members do this anyway, as many folk use a bank standing order to give to God's work here, so you needn't worry in the slightest about being embarrassed!).


What Will Happen?

Our services will always include a time when we worship God with singing, including modern songs and some traditional hymns, often at the beginning of the service. A band and singers help to lead us.

We also always include a time when someone will teach from the Bible, often towards the end of the service. We aim to make our teaching interesting and relevant to everyday life.

Someone will usually lead us in prayer for our world and our community. There is often a Bible reading, and usually some notices about what's happening in our Church family. Every other week we take communion together (see below).

After the service finishes (at around 12:00 noon), tea, coffee, cold drinks and biscuits are served: this is a great opportunity to chat and make new friends!

Sometimes we have a Church lunch together after the service. When this happens everyone is very welcome to stay and eat, especially if you are visiting us! There is alwaysplenty of food.

What About Communion?

Every other week we take communion together as a Church. Each person who participates takes a small piece of bread and a small cup of grape juice (non-alcoholic), to help us remember the body and blood of Jesus Christ who died for us. If you are unable to eat bread (for example because you have coeliac disease), please telephone us beforehand (on 020 8697 6743) so that we can have an alternative available for you.

If you are a Christian, you are very welcome to join with us in communion: you don't need to be a member of Brook Lane Community Church. If you are not a Christian, or do not wish to participate, simply pass the plate of bread or rack of cups along to the next person.



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